IEB Visual Arts Collection

In 1968, the IEB Visual Arts Collection was created with the arrival of the Mário de Andrade collection, consisting of the Visual Arts series: Religion and Magic, Music and Dance, Daily Life; and objects from the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 (sometimes also referred to as Paulista War or Brazilian Civil War). From 1981, the Visual Arts Collection was open to new incorporations and today has a heterogeneous set of 20 collections totaling about 8,700 pieces of interest for Brazilian culture. The Visual Arts Collection is responsible for exhibitions taking place in the Marta Rossetti Batista exhibition room within IEB. The exhibitions are based on research with the Institute’s Collection and developed with the documentary set of the three services: Archive, Library and Visual Arts Collection.

The description of the objects and works of art can be consulted through the IEB Electronic Catalog.

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