IEB Archive

The USP IEB Archive appeared in 1968, integrated into the Library. Since 1974, with the arrival of successive personal archives, the growth of the collection motivated its establishment as an independent sector. With the objective of receiving, organizing, preserving and disseminating its documents, aiming to offer primary sources for research for several areas, the IEB Archive currently gathers about 500 thousand documents.

Personal archives guarded by the IEB Archive are sources of research for Brazilians and foreigners, besides subsidizing publications and large audiences exhibitions throughout the country and abroad.

Within its precious collection it is possible to find: Alberto Lamego, Anitta Malfati, Caio Prado Jr., Camargo Guarnieri, Graciliano Ramos, João Guimarães Rosa, Literatura Popular de Cordel, Marcelo Tupynambá, Mario de Andrade,  Milton Santos, Produção Intelectual de Roger Bastide, Yan de Almeida Prado, among others.

Some of its funds are listed by Brazilian National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (Portuguese: Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, IPHAN) and recognized as Memory of the World by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The collection can be accessed through the (Brazilian university USP Bibliographic Database) Dedalus or the Electronic Catalog. As for the works scanned, they can be viewed in the Digital Library.


Services Offered

Face-to-face attendance to the general public, researchers, official and cultural bodies. To access our collection, we ask you to prearrange your arrival by e-mail or by telephone (+55 11) 3091-3427

Online consultation of documentary data through the Electronic Catalog

CAUTION: In compliance with the Brazilian Copyright Law, digital documents are not available in our online databases. To access them it is necessary to schedule an in person consultation.

Technical visits previously scheduled by e-mail