IEB History

Created by (Brazilian writer, journalist and sociologist) Sérgio Buarque de Holanda in 1962, the Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros is a multidisciplinary center for research and documentation on the history and cultures of Brazil. Its founding challenge is a reflection on Brazilian society, involving the articulation of different areas of the humanities. Swarded in 1995 by Brazilian National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute [Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN)] with the Rodrigo de Melo Franco de Andrade award in the category of Preservation of Traveling and Permanent Cultural Collections, IEB is responsible for keeping and maintaining an exceptional collection. Such collection consists of an expressive set of personal funds gathered by Brazilian artists and intellectuals while they were alive, which are distributed among the Archive, the Library and the Visual Arts Collection. Original manuscripts from important names in Brazilian culture, rare books and works of art make up a unique character set which periodically receives new acquisitions, either through donation or through purchase.

At IEB, collection and research are indiscernible. Research is developed in the topic areas of Arts, Literature, Music, History, Economics History, Geography, Economics, Anthropology and Sociology. The Institute postgraduation program should be highlighted, which takes the name of “Brazilian Cultures and Identities” and keeps two lines of research: 1) Society and Culture in Portuguese and America and in Brazil; 2) Brazil: the Reality of Creation, the Creation of Reality.

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